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Artemis Project

Artemis is NASA's next project to take astronauts to the Moon. The first test flight launched on November 16, 2022. The second flight, Artemis II, will place astronauts in lunar orbit in 2024 or later, with the third flight projected as the first lunar landing mission since Apollo 17, in December 1972. The project consists of the Space Launch System, which is NASA's most capable booster rocket since the Saturn V Moon rockets; the Orion capsule, which ferry astronauts to the Moon and back; and the SpaceX Starship rocket, which will carry Orion astronauts to the lunar surface.

Radio Programs

Final Steps The final steps on the Moon December 14, 2022

Featured Images

Artemis I and the Moon

At the Moon November 27, 2022

Launch of Artemis I

On Its Way November 16, 2022