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Eclipses, Occultations and Transits

An eclipse is the result of the total or partial masking of a celestial body by another along an observer’s line of sight. Solar eclipses result from the Moon blocking the Sun relative to the Earth; thus Earth, Moon and Sun all lie on a line. Lunar eclipses work the same way in a different order: Moon, Earth and Sun all on a line. In this case the Earth’s shadow hides the Moon from view. An occultation occurs when a celestial object is eclipsed by the Moon or another solar system body. A transit is either the act of one celestial body passing in front of another or the time at which a celestial object is highest in the sky. The time at which a celestial object crosses the meridian is called the transit time.

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Transits Peeking in on other planets November 11, 2019

Morning Treats Skywatching treats in the morning sky November 10, 2019

Mercury Transit Crossing the face of the Sun November 8, 2019

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Lunar Eclipse II A repeat performance for the Moon January 20, 2019

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Annular Eclipse Covering up most of the Sun February 26, 2017

Faint Eclipse A disappointing lunar eclipse February 9, 2017

Big Year A big year ahead in the sky January 1, 2017

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