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A planet that orbits around a star other than the Sun.



Aquarius October 4, 2011

Cancer, the Crab

Cancer, the Crab October 4, 2011

Libra, the Scales

Libra, the Scales October 4, 2011

Facts and Figures June 10, 2010

Rings encircle a young planet in this artist's concept.

Exoplanets May 21, 2010

Radio Programs

Doomed Giant The final days of a giant planet December 8, 2017

Evidence of a Planet Early evidence of a planet? October 24, 2017

Fomalhaut The busy environs of a bright star October 7, 2017

Planetary Nomads Nomadic planets wander through the galaxy October 6, 2017

Long Eclipse? Looking for a distant eclipse September 6, 2017

Giant Magellan Telescope II Getting to know distant planets August 10, 2017

Vanishing Planets Doomed planets around a dying star July 27, 2017

Moon and Companions A bad neighborhood for planets June 8, 2017

Rio Scale Rating the odds of finding ET April 14, 2017

Three Venuses One Venus here, two more elsewhere April 13, 2017

Planetary Gems Garnets and rubies and sapphires, Oh, my! April 12, 2017

Counting Starspots Counting spots on a small star March 3, 2017

Misaligned Disks Looking into the future of young stars February 3, 2017

Lepus Chasing down a celestial rabbit January 28, 2017

Autumn Star The dusty “autumn star” September 24, 2016

Exoplanets VI Extinct life and non-civilizations September 17, 2016

Exoplanets V Looking for signs of life September 16, 2016

Exoplanets IV Looking for distant moons September 15, 2016

Exoplanets III Hunting for life in all the right places September 14, 2016

Exoplanets II Pigeon-holing new planets September 13, 2016

Exoplanets Big discoveries from little telescopes September 12, 2016

Birth and Death Birth and death for distant planets June 13, 2016

Vega Getting the right angle on a star June 1, 2016

Volunteer Astronomers Astronomers get some helping hands April 27, 2016

Alien Weather Extreme weather on an alien world April 7, 2016

Starshade Zeroing in on habitable planets March 18, 2016

WFIRST Unwrapping a Christmas present March 17, 2016

New Names New names for a family of planets February 19, 2016

Planetary Pebbles Ingredients for a giant planet February 14, 2016

Tau Ceti Visiting a dusty star system — after this. January 4, 2016

Moon and Aldebaran Patiently watching the bull’s eye October 29, 2015

Tau Ceti De-populating a popular star system October 13, 2015

Hot Planet A world you wouldn’t want to visit October 12, 2015

51 Pegasi A puffy planet gets some attention October 11, 2015

Fomalhaut Grinding up some “dusty” comets September 20, 2015

Alpha Centauri Planet Taking the measure of a planet September 11, 2015

Proxima Centauri Planets Planet searches come up empty September 10, 2015

Hunting Planets IV Patiently looking for planets August 28, 2015

Hunting Planets III Looking for big, cold planets August 27, 2015

Hunting Planets II More nights hunting for planets August 26, 2015

Hunting Planets Getting ready to hunt planets August 25, 2015

Doomed Planets Planets with limited lifetimes June 11, 2015

Day and Night Day and night on distant planets June 10, 2015

Living in Circles The intelligent choice for planetary systems June 9, 2015

Exoplanets An astounding variety of planets June 8, 2015

Moon and Jupiter Jupiter loses its status May 22, 2015

Saturn at Opposition III Drawing rings around a giant planet May 19, 2015

The Search Continues The search for planets continues April 12, 2015

Denebola The “dusty” tail of the lion March 30, 2015

Seeing the Past Looking at the solar system’s past February 28, 2015

Binary Planets Two planets for the price of one January 19, 2015

Hot Weather Hot weather on a distant planet December 25, 2014

More Rigel Clearing space around a giant star December 22, 2014

Smash-up! A smash-up in a distant star system December 3, 2014

Fast Day A planet that spins in a hurry December 1, 2014

New Names Spicing up the names of distant worlds October 19, 2014

Fomalhaut III Taking a look at a possible “dusty” planet October 2, 2014

Fomalhaut Watching one of the “guardians of heaven” September 30, 2014

Doomed Planets Doomed planets around a dying star August 23, 2014

Planet Bonanza A plenitude of exoplanets August 22, 2014

New Searches Taking a closer look at exoplanets August 7, 2014

Distant Planets IV Young planets on the move April 30, 2014

Distant Planets III A giant planet near the head of the water snake April 29, 2014

Distant Planets II A patient search for distant planets April 28, 2014

Distant Planets Looking for hard-to-find planets April 27, 2014

61 Virginis Some nearby planetary neighbors April 24, 2014

In-Between Planets Super-Earths and mini-Neptunes March 3, 2014

Kepler A space telescope piles up the planets March 2, 2014

Pollux A “wobbly” planetary discovery March 1, 2014

Earths Galore Earth-like planets by the millions February 21, 2014

Blue-Hot Planet A visit to another blue planet December 1, 2013

More Fomalhaut A giant planet of mystery October 14, 2013

Moon and Jupiter Looking for a giant planet September 27, 2013

Spitzer Space Telescope Taking a good look at an exoplanet August 22, 2013

HAT P-7 Cooling off a distant star August 15, 2013

Toasted Planets Toasting planets from the inside out August 14, 2013

M4 An ancient city of stars August 3, 2013

Dusty Vega Stirring up dust around a bright star June 13, 2013

Solar Twins II Hunting for worlds like Earth June 1, 2013

Alpha Centauri Planet A nearby planetary neighbor April 20, 2013

Tau Boötis Keeping an eye on a star with a planet April 6, 2013

Pulsar Planets Reborn from a violent demise March 11, 2013

Planetary Debris Rocky evidence of planetary systems March 10, 2013

In the Zone Comfortable worlds around feeble stars March 9, 2013

Lots of Planets Strength of discovery in numbers March 8, 2013

Four Suns A world with four suns in the sky March 7, 2013

Planet Hunters Hunting for leftover planets March 6, 2013

Side Jobs A space telescope gets some extra jobs March 4, 2013

Hot Planet The glow of a small but hot planet January 23, 2013

Moon and Jupiter Tiny planets around a tiny star January 20, 2013

Bigger Diamonds Real astronomical “sparklers” January 10, 2013

Sweet Discovery A “sweet” discovery at a distant star November 13, 2012

White-Dwarf Planets II Dead stars consume dead planets October 16, 2012

White-Dwarf Planets Close planets around dead stars October 15, 2012

More Fomalhaut Cometary chaos around a young star September 17, 2012

Fomalhaut The lonely “Autumn Star” September 16, 2012

Hot Jupiters Clearing out a star system September 14, 2012

Gamma Cephei IV Getting messy for science September 4, 2012

Gamma Cephei III Keeping a planet on the table September 3, 2012

Gamma Cephei II A gnat’s eyelash and a distant planet September 2, 2012

Gamma Cephei The top of the king’s starry house September 1, 2012

Altairian Planets A star that gets a lot of attention July 11, 2012

Double Sunsets Double sunsets on alien worlds April 4, 2012

Snow Line A solar system’s best spot for skiing April 3, 2012

Comfy Planets Looking for comfy homes for life March 3, 2012

White Dwarfs III Dead planets around dead stars? February 2, 2012

Pulsar Planets Planets around a dead star January 7, 2012

Featured Images

Artist's concept of HAT-P-7b

Planetary Jewel April 12, 2017

Protoplanetary disks around three young stars

Swirling Planets November 9, 2016

Backlit Planet September 16, 2016

The faint star Trappist-1 and three of its planets

Cool Star, Warm Planets? September 14, 2016

Artist's concept of the star system 51 Pegasi, featuring a giant planet

The First October 12, 2015

Artist's concept of a young Jupiter-like planet

Young Giant August 27, 2015

Artist's concept of a moons orbiting a Jupiter-like exoplanet

Worlds of Worlds June 9, 2015

Ringfest May 20, 2015

View of a newly forming planetary system around the young star HL Tauri

Planet Tracks November 6, 2014

Diagram showing the layouts of several exoplanet systems

Going Farther April 30, 2014

Artist's concept of a range of recently discovered exoplanets

Planet Hunting April 28, 2014

Artist's concept of a double sunset on exoplanet Kepler 16

Double Sunset March 5, 2014

Artist's concept of exoplanet system KOI-961, discovered by Kepler spacecraft

Worlds Galore March 3, 2014

Artist's concept of extrasolar planet Kepler 78b, an Earth-sized world

Hot Rock October 31, 2013

Hubble Space Telescope images of the Fomalhaut star system

Giant Planet of Mystery October 15, 2013

Artist's concept of planet HAT-P7b

Hot Spot August 16, 2013

Artist's concept of a blue exoplanet

Blue-Hot Planet July 13, 2013

Dusty Vega system

Dust Trap June 14, 2013

Artist's depiction of planet orbiting Alpha Centauri B

Close Neighbor April 21, 2013

Infrared image of the star Fomalhaut (center) and surround debris ring

Messy Building Zone September 18, 2012

Artist's concept of the Gamma Cephei star system

Stellar Geometry September 4, 2012

Altair is one of the three planets of the Summer Triangle

Flying Eagle July 12, 2012

A flare on the surface of the star HD 189733 blasts away the atmosphere of an or

Zapped! June 29, 2012

Artist's concept of the Kepler-35 system, with a giant planet orbiting two stars

Seeing Double April 4, 2012

Artist's concept of the pulsar and planets in the system PSR B1257+12

Second-Chance Planets January 8, 2012

An artist's concept of the darkest planet yet discovered

Dark World October 27, 2011

Artist's concept of a free-floating planet in the Milky Way galaxy

Free Agent May 19, 2011

Artist's concept of TW Hydra, a young star encircled by a disk of gas and dust

Messy Youngster April 25, 2011

Artist's concept of the planetary system Kepler 11

Close Family April 22, 2011

Newly forming planetary system around Beta Pictoris

Messy Star System February 10, 2011

Earth is in the middle of the Sun's habitable zone

In the Zone January 18, 2011

Artist's concept of a protoplanetary disk with wide gaps

Planet Nursery October 4, 2010

Evaporating planet around the star HD209458

Puffy Planet August 26, 2010

Three of the four planets that are known to orbit the red-dwarf star Gliese 581

Homey Star System April 28, 2010

(Almost) Just Like Home February 21, 2010