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Hercules, the Strongman

A constellation named for Hercules, a character from Roman mythology, that is best viewed in spring and summer.

Radio Programs

Hercules A A black hole “powerhouse” August 31, 2023

Messier 13 Standing out in the galactic suburbs April 18, 2023

Zeta Herculis A stellar family spreads out April 17, 2023

Faint Giant Patching together a faint giant May 22, 2022

Hercules Cluster A starry realm that never gets dark June 2, 2021

Exhausted Stars A different identity for the strongman June 1, 2021

Cancer Grabbing a toe was a bad idea February 13, 2021

Hercules Galaxies A busy cluster of galaxies July 25, 2020

The Keystone Four stars, four stories May 17, 2020

More Transients Explaining some bright flashes April 28, 2019

More Hercules Some of the galaxy’s oldest residents May 15, 2018

Hercules The strongman climbs high May 14, 2018

Kornephoros The leading light of the club bearer May 31, 2017

Featured Images

Starry Realm June 2, 2021

Hercules galaxy cluster

Galaxies Everywhere July 25, 2020