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Life on Mars



Mars February 10, 2016

Radio Programs

Moon and Mars Looking for “gassy” microbes on Mars March 30, 2017

Moon and Planets Climbing through Martian history February 28, 2017

More ExoMars A dress rehearsal for a Mars rover October 17, 2016

Moon and Mars Heating up the Red Planet June 16, 2016

Mars Opposition V Seeing things on the Red Planet — after this. May 22, 2016

Mars Opposition III Living on Mars — sort of May 20, 2016

Heading for Mars Getting ready for a trip to Mars March 11, 2016

Martian Methane Tracking down Martian methane June 22, 2015

Hints of Life Hints of life in more Mars rocks February 26, 2015

Moon and Mars Evidence of life in a rock from Mars June 5, 2014

Moon and Mars A garden spot on the Red Planet February 18, 2014

Moon and Companions Sniffing out life on Mars December 24, 2013

War of the Worlds An attack from Mars October 29, 2013

Tardigrades Water bears in space July 30, 2013

Comfy Planets Looking for comfy homes for life March 3, 2012

Secret Mars Unlocking the secrets of the Red Planet March 1, 2012

Moon and Mars Watery oases on a desert world January 11, 2012

Featured Images

The ExoMars 2016 mission approaches the Red Planet

Two for Mars? October 17, 2016

ExoMars 2016 launch

Mars Bound March 14, 2016

Rio Tinto, a river in Spain, is a Mars analog

Red River October 9, 2013

Curiosity rover view of Mount Sharp, March 2013

Sharp Destination March 19, 2013

Artist's concept of Curiosity rover on Mars

Ready to Roll November 23, 2011

Possible rivulets of water flowing on Mars

Drippy Planet August 8, 2011

Rock varnish on a rock from the Atacama Desert

Bacteria Colony? July 29, 2011

Scientists are studying rocks in Chile to learn about possible life on Mars

Looking for Life July 27, 2011

Chile's Atacama Desert is an analog for studying conditions on Mars

Mars on Earth July 26, 2011

Martian 'Canali' March 14, 2010