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Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

A NASA mission to map the lunar surface in unprecedented detail and make other observations from orbit. Among its accomplishments, LRO has photographed all of the Apollo landing sites, showing the abandoned lunar modules and the paths the astronauts created during their expeditions. LRO’s images may be used to find landing sites for future lunar missions.


Ongoing Explorations March 3, 2014

Featured Images

tycho crater on the moon

Missed Opportunity May 13, 2023

Luna 20 on the Moon

Lunar Relic February 21, 2022

LRO view of Chang'e-4 and Yutu

On the Moon November 13, 2019

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter view of Shackleton crater at lunar south pole

Reconnoitering the Moon June 23, 2019

Hidden Moon January 16, 2019

Radio Programs

LRO Sharp eyes on the Moon June 23, 2019