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The fourth planet from the Sun. Mars orbits the Sun at an average distance of 1.52 times Earth’s distance. The planet is about 10 percent as massive as Earth, and a bit more than half as big. It is made of solid, rocky material, and has a thin atmosphere of carbon dioxide. Iron oxide, or rust, on the surface of Mars gives it its characteristic red color. The planet has bright polar ice caps made of frozen water and carbon dioxide. Mars also has two small moons, Phobos and Deimos.


Mars' Moons February 19, 2016


Mars February 10, 2016

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Featured Images

Emirates Mars Mission view of Deimos in front of Mars

Family Portrait April 28, 2023

new impact crater on mars

Digging a Hole December 6, 2022

Cargo Mission October 14, 2022

dust storms and clouds on mars

Dusty Skies June 10, 2022

volcanoes at Tharsis Ridge, Mars

Volcanic Mars February 18, 2022

Dry Lake December 21, 2021

a spacecraft approaches mars

Bad Timing November 27, 2021

Valles Marineris

Grander Canyon November 13, 2021

view of mars odyssey in orbit

20-Year Odyssey October 24, 2021

view from mars helicopter

Still Flying August 3, 2021

Looking Around July 9, 2021

clouds pass above a cliff face on Mars

Cloudy Skies June 6, 2021

First view from China's rover

Ready to Rove May 21, 2021

Ingenuity Mars helicopter makes its first flight

Liftoff! April 19, 2021

Pavonis Mons on Mars

Arrival Point? April 16, 2021

Perseverance rover and Ingenuity helicopter in Jezero Crater, Mars

Ready for Take-Off April 10, 2021

Panorama of the Perseverance rover landing site

Surveying the Surroundings February 24, 2021

Views of the Perseverance Mars rover landing

Looking Up, Looking Down February 22, 2021

Perseverance touches down on Mars

Touchdown! February 19, 2021

The first image of Mars from the Hope orbiter, February 10

First Glimpse February 16, 2021

Perseverance rover landing sequence

Scary Descent February 15, 2021

Hope spacecraft orbiting Mars

Hoping for Success February 7, 2021

elevation map of mars

Martian Dichotomy November 25, 2020

Artist's concept of a Mars base

Hazardous Exploration October 29, 2020

Cloud streaming from Arsia Mons, a volcano on Mars

Long Cloud September 4, 2020

dust storm on Mars

Dusty Skies August 3, 2020

Hope spacecraft prepared for launch

Ready for Mars July 13, 2020

View of the north and south poles of Mars

Capping the Red Planet June 11, 2020

Artist's concept of astronauts on Phobos, a moon of Mars

Charged Moon May 13, 2020

Self-portrait of the Mars rover Curiosity

Sniffing for Life April 15, 2020

Valles Marineris on Mars

A Grander Canyon March 17, 2020

Proposed Mars habitat

Living on Mars December 21, 2019

Summertime! October 8, 2019

InSight seismometer on Mars

Listening to Mars September 12, 2019

Mariner 7 at Mars

Second Arrival August 4, 2019

Clouds pass over InSight on Mars

Cloudy Day May 11, 2019

Sunrise on Mars

A New Day May 2, 2019

Curiosity rover self-portrait, January 2019

Moving On January 29, 2019

InSight seismometer on the surface of Mars

Down to Work December 23, 2018

Early image of Mars from the InSight lander

Settling In November 27, 2018

Mars InSight during entry into Mars' atmosphere

Taking the Plunge November 25, 2018

InSight landing site

Target Zone November 24, 2018

InSight lands on Mars

Ready for Touchdown November 23, 2018

Bright cloud streak on Mars

Martian Streaker October 28, 2018

Artist's concept of the Mars 2020 helicopter

Martian Whirlybird August 22, 2018

Lineup of Mars and other planets in late July

Brilliant Mars July 23, 2018

Artist's concept of Trace Gas Orbiter at Mars

Sniffing Mars June 29, 2018

Thickening dust storm above the Opportunity rover on Mars

Getting Dark June 13, 2018

ice layers in the south polar cap of Mars

Icy Layers June 7, 2018

Elevation view of Tharsis region on Mars

High and Low on Mars May 23, 2018

InSight is launched to Mars

On Its Way May 6, 2018

InSight lander on the surface of Mars

New Martian Insights May 4, 2018

Trace Gas Orbiter view of Korolev Crater on Mars

First Look April 27, 2018

Martian dust storm

Dusty Skies April 7, 2018

Sunrise on Mars, February 16, 2018

4,999 and Counting February 17, 2018

Layers of buried ice exposed on a Martian slope

Icy Mars January 14, 2018

Opportunity rover view of its surroundings on Mars, June 2017

On the Downslope July 24, 2017

Curiosity rover view of Mars, February 10, 2017

Mountain Climbing February 28, 2017

Before and after views of the landing site of the Schiaparelli probe

Lost and Found October 22, 2016

The ExoMars 2016 mission approaches the Red Planet

Two for Mars? October 17, 2016

A Day on Mars August 24, 2016

Close Neighbor May 20, 2016

Volcanoes on Tharsis Ridge, Mars

Shifting Skin May 18, 2016

ExoMars 2016 launch

Mars Bound March 14, 2016

The Arda Valles region of Mars

Red Tides February 19, 2016

Sand dunes on Mars

Dune World December 20, 2015

Cold Red Planet September 9, 2015

First Eyes on Mars July 13, 2015

Sunset at Gale Crater, Mars, April 2015

Blue Skies May 14, 2015