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Mars Rovers Spirit and Opportunity

Building on the success of the 1997 Sojourner rover, the Spirit and Opportunity rovers landed on Mars in 2004. Although their planned mission was just 90 Mars days long (about 92 Earth days), Spirit continued until March 2010, while Opportunity was still operating in 2011. Both found evidence that water had helped shape the Martian landscape in the distant past.



Mars February 10, 2016

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Featured Images

dust storm on Mars

Dusty Skies August 3, 2020

Thickening dust storm above the Opportunity rover on Mars

Getting Dark June 13, 2018

Sunrise on Mars, February 16, 2018

4,999 and Counting February 17, 2018

Opportunity rover view of its surroundings on Mars, June 2017

On the Downslope July 24, 2017