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Meteor Shower

A display of meteors streaking through the sky at rates of several to hundreds per hour. Whenever Earth intercepts a stream of comet debris in orbit around the Sun, some of the debris falls into Earth’s atmosphere, producing the meteor shower. Two of the best annual meteor showers are the Perseids in August and the Leonids in November. See our list of this year’s meteor showers for more information.



Earth February 10, 2016


Aquarius October 4, 2011

Mars meteorite

Meteorites May 19, 2010

Radio Programs

Perseid Meteors A bright shower of comet dust August 11, 2023

Lyrid Meteors A long-lasting meteor shower April 21, 2023

Quadrantid Meteors Tracing a meteor shower’s family tree January 3, 2023

Geminid Meteors Slow but bright “shooting stars” December 12, 2022

Orionid Meteors Sparklers from Halley’s comet October 19, 2022

Perseid Meteors Bright Moon, faint meteors August 11, 2022

Skipping Away Skipping away from a bright encounter August 10, 2022

Tau Herculid Meteors Possible sparks from a dead comet May 30, 2022

Eta Aquarid Meteors Zipping across the early morning sky May 4, 2022

Lyrid Meteor Shower Reminders of a distant comet April 21, 2022

Giant Break-Up The aftermath of a giant break-up February 15, 2022

Quadrantid Meteors Reminders of a failed constellation January 2, 2022

Geminid Shower A meteor shower gets better December 12, 2021

Leonid Meteors A faint but steady meteor shower November 15, 2021

Perseid Meteors Fireworks big and small from a comet August 11, 2021

Morning Treats Double treats in the early morning sky May 4, 2021

Lyrid Meteors Reminders of an infrequent visitor April 20, 2021

The First Shower A meteor shower that doesn’t waste time January 2, 2021

Geminid Meteors A bright but short-lived meteor shower December 10, 2020

Leonid Meteors Dark skies, dark shower November 16, 2020

Orionid Meteors The calling cards of a distant comet October 20, 2020

Daytime Shower Listening to a meteor shower September 26, 2020

Perseid Meteors Fireworks from a messy comet August 9, 2020

Eta Aquarid Meteors Lighting up a meteor shower May 3, 2020

Double Showers One night, two meteor showers April 21, 2020

Lyrid Meteors Meteors for all occasions April 20, 2020

Quadrantid Meteors The offspring of a celestial break-up January 3, 2020

Leonid Meteors Meteors for now, meteors for later November 15, 2019

Orionid Meteors Running into a cosmic sandstorm October 19, 2019

Perseid Meteors Searching for cosmic sparklers August 10, 2019

Dusty Display An asteroid spawns a lightshow December 12, 2018

Leonid Meteors A quiet but steady meteor shower November 16, 2018

Orionid Meteors A weekend meteor shower October 19, 2018

Draconid Meteors Sparks or misfires from the dragon? October 8, 2018

Lyrid Meteors A good night for a meteor shower April 21, 2018

Ursid Meteors An on-again, off-again meteor shower December 21, 2017

Phaethon A meteor shower with a difference December 11, 2017

Moon, Planets, Meteors Mornings made for skywatching November 15, 2017

Orionid Meteor Shower Sparks from a distant comet October 20, 2017

Catching Showers Tracking down meteor showers October 10, 2017

Moon and More Moon, planets, and meteors January 2, 2017

Featured Images

Perseid meteor, 2015

Night Light August 9, 2020

Bright meteor over Europe

Bright Meteor November 15, 2017

leonid meteor, 2009

Meteor Time November 16, 2016

2009 view of Perseid meteors

Rain of Fire August 10, 2016

Illustration of 1833 Leonid meteor storm

Skyfall November 16, 2015