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Monoceros, the Unicorn

This faint constellation, to the east of Orion, contains some beautiful and prominent deep-sky objects, such as the Rosette Nebula and the Cone Nebula. It was created in the early 17th century to fill a void between brighter constellations.

Radio Programs

Beta Monocerotis A beautiful set of triplets February 9, 2023

Monoceros Creating a celestial unicorn February 8, 2023

Colorful Butterfly Sculpting a cosmic butterfly January 29, 2022

Busy Binary A busy star system for the unicorn January 7, 2022

Bright Merger A brilliant lightshow from a pair of stars January 6, 2022

Setting the Stage Setting the stage for a big outburst May 1, 2021

Unicorn Clouds Young stars for the unicorn January 26, 2020

Monoceros Outlining the celestial unicorn January 25, 2020

More Monoceros Starbirth in the unicorn February 12, 2019

Monoceros The closest black hole February 11, 2019

Featured Images

Rosette Nebula

A Big Rose January 26, 2020

ngc 2264

Rolling Starbirth February 12, 2019

Hubble Space Telescope view of V838 Monocerotis in 2006

Brilliant Echo February 11, 2015