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X-Ray Astronomy


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A black hole wakes up hungry
Getting too close to a dark monster
Black holes in a neighboring galaxy
A dead star slows down
A black hole announces its presence
Brilliant targets for the space station
Neighbors that stir things up
Strumming a few astronomical notes
Hiding in plain sight
Brightness from the ultimate darkness
A record-setting black hole
A star loses a life-and-death struggle
A giant star vanishes from view
Twin black holes in a nearby galaxy
Making a bottleful of starstuff
Bullets of hot gas from a black hole
Dead stars tell some important tales
Giving birth to a “dead” star
The flashy heart of the Milky Way
Getting too close to a black hole
The brilliant death of a distant star
Opening a new view of the universe
A black hole gets brighter
Lighting up alien skies