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A constellation that arcs high overhead in fall and early winter.


Perseus, the Hero

Perseus, the Hero May 25, 2010

Radio Programs

Moaning Black Hole The sounds of a giant black hole August 6, 2023

Alpha Persei The leader of a young star cluster November 26, 2020

Rapid Birth Making planets in a hurry September 17, 2020

The Final Parsec Bridging the final parsec June 17, 2020

Halloween Scary demons for Halloween October 31, 2019

Double Cluster Sparkling stellar jewels March 3, 2019

Rogue Clusters “Cities of stars” between galaxies November 17, 2017

Xi Persei A brilliant but doomed star November 16, 2017

Mirfak Looking for a companion October 30, 2017

Featured Images

double cluster in perseus

Double the Beauty September 19, 2021

Perseus Molecular Cloud in Infrared

Stellar Nursery December 27, 2019

Double Cluster

Seeing Double March 3, 2019