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The most luminous and some of the most distant of all objects in the universe. They radiate between 10 and 100,000 times as much energy as our entire galaxy from an energy source that is no larger than our solar system. Such a compact source may be a supermassive black hole surrounded by an accretion disk of matter falling into the hole. The matter is heated to millions of degrees, making the accretion disk glow brightly.

Radio Programs

SS 433 A “micro-quasar” in the eagle July 21, 2022

Hunting ‘Little’ Quasars Hunting for some “little” quasars October 28, 2021

Galactic UFO A “UFO” from a giant black hole July 8, 2020

Accretion Disks Brightening up a black hole January 14, 2020

Dark Mergers Fireworks from a “dark” merger August 22, 2019

Quiet Monster A quiet monster flares up July 30, 2019

Quasars Looking deep into the universe March 15, 2017

Featured Images

Radio image of SS 433, a micro-quasar powered by a black hole

Cosmic Corkscrews July 21, 2022

The earliest known quasar in the universe

Early Starter January 15, 2021

Hot Teacup March 17, 2019