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The sixth planet from the Sun in the solar system. Saturn orbits the Sun at an average distance of 9.5 AU. The planet has a mass 95.2 times the mass of Earth and a radius 9.45 times the radius of Earth. Saturn is a gas planet and has no solid surface. It is made of hydrogen, helium, ammonia, and methane. Saturn is most famous for its beautiful ring system. In addition to the rings, the planet has 62 known moons, the largest of which is Titan.


Saturn's Moons February 19, 2016

Saturn's rings

Saturn February 10, 2016

Realm of the Giants June 10, 2010

Radio Programs

Moon and Saturn Full Moon, full planet August 29, 2023

Saturn Opposition II The start of a new season on Saturn August 26, 2023

Saturn at Opposition A bright but distant giant August 25, 2023

Moon and Saturn Knocking over a giant planet April 14, 2023

Moon and Saturn Discovering a giant dirty snowball December 26, 2022

Moon and Saturn Diving into Saturn’s cold clouds October 5, 2022

Saturn at Opposition Lining up a planetary show August 9, 2022

Morning Meeting A close meet-up in the dawn sky April 1, 2022

Moon and Saturn Probing the center of a planet January 4, 2022

Moon and Saturn A giant planet protects its moons December 7, 2021

Moon and Saturn Stretching out the summer September 16, 2021

Saturn at Opposition A superior showing for a superior planet August 1, 2021

Moon and Planets Slowing down some spinning giants July 24, 2021

Jupiter and Saturn Giant planets snuggle up December 1, 2020

Moon and Saturn A moon sneaks away from its planet September 25, 2020

Saturn at Opposition III Spinning around a giant planet July 21, 2020

Saturn at Opposition II Planets head into reverse July 20, 2020

Saturn at Opposition The solar system’s runner-up July 19, 2020

Moon and Saturn Powering up some “mid”-sized storms May 12, 2020

Moon and Planets A bright lineup in the dawn sky March 16, 2020

First to Saturn The first visit to Saturn August 31, 2019

Saturn III Heating up a giant planet July 9, 2019

Saturn at Opposition Giant storms for a giant planet July 7, 2019

Moon and Saturn Saturn’s unusual magnetic field April 24, 2019

Moon and Planets Growing giants beyond the snow line April 23, 2019

Moon and Planets Washing away Saturn’s rings March 1, 2019

Venus and Saturn Contrasting planets in the dawn sky February 17, 2019

Moon and Saturn A giant bubble around a giant planet October 14, 2018

Mars and Company Bright sights in the night sky July 24, 2018

More Saturn at Opposition A planet “opposes” the Sun June 27, 2018

Moon and Saturn Brightening up the night sky April 6, 2018

Mars and Saturn Sibling worlds in the morning sky April 1, 2018

Moon and Saturn Powerful winds on a giant planet February 10, 2018

Moon and Saturn “Squashing” a giant planet October 23, 2017

End of Cassini The final day of a grand tour September 14, 2017

Exploring Saturn Getting to know a giant planet September 13, 2017

Saturn at Opposition II Lighting up the skies on another planet June 13, 2017

Saturn at Opposition A runner-up to no planet June 12, 2017

Moon and Saturn Lining up a bright planet June 9, 2017

Moon and Jupiter Giving birth to giant worlds April 10, 2017

Moon, Antares, Saturn A planet with a nasty back story March 18, 2017

Moon and Saturn Sweeping past the rings of Saturn February 19, 2017

Moon, Antares, Saturn Subtle color for a giant planet January 22, 2017

Featured Images

solar wind compresses saturn's magnetic field

Getting Squeezed December 7, 2021

hubble space telescope portraits of jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune

The Neighbors November 20, 2021

Saturn's two-toned moon, Iapetus

Two-Tone Moon October 25, 2021

Saturn and its rings viewed shortly before the start of northern summer

A New Season September 16, 2021

Saturn from Hubble Space Telescope

Saturn at Its Best August 1, 2021

2019 Hubble Space Telescope view of Saturn and its rings

Bright Rings July 19, 2020

Hubble Space Telescope view of Saturn, June 2019

Ringed Splendor September 14, 2019

Saturn, its rings, and a hexagonal storm at its north pole, 2013

Stormy Skies July 7, 2019

artist's concept of Cassini passing inside Saturn's rings

Inside Job March 1, 2019

Hubble Space Telescope image of Saturn and several of its moons

Just Spinning Along September 16, 2018

Hubble Space Telescope views shows the oblateness of Saturn

Squashed Planet October 23, 2017

Enceladus sets behind Saturn

Saying Goodbye September 15, 2017

Cassini flies between Saturn and its rings

Final Act September 13, 2017

Cassini view of Saturn's moon Tethys against the planet's clouds and rings

Death Star Moon August 2, 2017

The moon Daphnis stirs up Saturn's rings

Making Waves June 12, 2017

Views of Saturn's north polar hexagon in 2013 and 2017.

Changing Seasons May 28, 2017

April 26, 2017, image of Saturn from Cassini

Close Dive April 28, 2017

Artist's concept of Cassini crossing inside Saturn's rings

Through the Gap April 21, 2017

Cassini view of Saturn's north pole

Closer to the Storm December 11, 2016

Saturn's giant hexagon

Planetary Geometry May 30, 2016

August 17, 2015, view of Saturn's moon Dione in front of the giant planet

Last Visit August 18, 2015

Cassini view of a giant storm in Saturn's northern hemisphere

Stormy Skies June 28, 2015