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Stargazing and Skywatching

For more information about what to see in the nightsky tonight and this month, visit our Stargazing page.


Equipment Tips May 14, 2010

What to Look For May 14, 2010

Become a Stargazer April 14, 2010

Featured Images

Blue Neptune September 5, 2018

Lineup of Mars and other planets in late July

Brilliant Mars July 23, 2018

Milky Way above Glacier National Park

Galactic Home July 8, 2018

Hubble view of Jupiter, 2014

Beautiful Giant May 7, 2018

Diagram of the Hyades

Facing the Bull April 4, 2018

Sirius, Mirzam, and M41 in Canis Major, the big dog

Doggie Treats March 11, 2018

Sirius and Canopus, early evening, early March

Gold and Silver March 1, 2018

Canis Major

The Big Dog February 20, 2018

The constellation Orion stands above the eastern horizon

Orion Rising December 10, 2017

moonrise at arches national park

Moonwatching October 28, 2017

diagram showing future north stars

Royal Pole Star September 19, 2017

Solar eclipse sequence

Anatomy of an Eclipse August 20, 2017

Proper eye protection is needed for safe eclipse viewing

Safety First! August 18, 2017

Map showing the circumstances of the August 21, 2017, total solar eclipse

The Right Path August 14, 2017

Twilight over McDonald Observatory

A Civil Sky June 18, 2017

Lynx in the west, late May

Faint Cat May 25, 2017

Encke's Comet in mid-February

Evening Comet February 16, 2017

A comet in the February pre-dawn sky

Green Visitor February 8, 2017

Moon, Venus, and Mars, evenings of January 30 and 31

Evening Array January 29, 2017

Sunset over the Davis Mountains

Earliest Sunsets December 1, 2016

leonid meteor, 2009

Meteor Time November 16, 2016

Ground-based view of M39 star cluster

Sparkling Cluster September 4, 2016

The bow of Sagittarius

Celestial Bow August 15, 2016

2009 view of Perseid meteors

Rain of Fire August 10, 2016

Planets in the dawn sky, February 2016

The Whole Gang January 31, 2016