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X-Ray Astronomy

A very energetic wavelength, or frequency, of light. X-rays are more energetic than ultraviolet light, but less energetic than gamma-ray. They range in wavelength from 10^-8 meters to 10^-12 meters, and in frequency from 10^17 to 10^20 Hz. X-rays can be quite harmful to life because they are strong enough to ionize atoms and thus destroy cells. The Earth’s atmosphere shields us from all astronomical x-ray radiation. X-rays produced by people do have useful applications, however; for example, they are used to help identify broken bones and to treat certain types of cancer.

Featured Images

launch of japanese missions xrism and slim

On Their Way! September 8, 2023

composite image of ngc 1275, a giant galaxy in the middle of the perseus cluster

Loud Black Hole August 6, 2023

nicer, an x-ray telescope, operating from the international space station

Nicer Astronomy May 10, 2023

Black-Hole Hunter April 3, 2023

new space telescope looking at a nebula

Magnet Hunter October 19, 2021

two views of uhuru

Pioneering Explorer December 12, 2020

Multi-spectral view of Cassiopeia A, a supernova remnant

Brilliant Demise October 26, 2020

X-ray image of light echoes from V404 Cygni

Echoes of a Black Hole August 28, 2019

Artist's concept of Cygnus X-1

Bad Neighbor July 11, 2019

Hot Teacup March 17, 2019

Multiwavelength view of the Crab Nebula, M1

X-Raying a Crab January 7, 2019

Black holes around a ring galaxy

Ring Around the Galaxy September 8, 2018

X-ray view of Cassiopeia A

It's Elemental January 2, 2018

The Crescent Nebula

Colorful Demise December 14, 2017

Multi-wavelength view of NGC 6946, the Fireworks Galaxy

Fireworks Factory August 23, 2017

Artist's concept of 47 Tucanae X9, a likely black hole-white dwarf binary

Living Dangerously March 16, 2017

NICER X-Ray Telescope Attached to International Space Station

A 'Nicer' View of the Sky February 21, 2017

X-Ray image of VLA J2130+12

Slow Eater December 15, 2016

Auroras on Jupiterk

Polar Rings February 22, 2016

X-ray energy forms expanding rings around the black hole V404 Cygni

Big Gulp Aftermath September 15, 2015

Radio Programs

Danger Zone Expanding the supernova danger zone August 22, 2023

NICER Scanners Scanning dead stars and living people May 11, 2023

NICER Astronomy A “nicer” way to study a neutron star May 10, 2023

XRISM Looking into cosmic maelstroms April 3, 2023

Copernicus Seeing a “hidden” universe August 21, 2022

SS 433 A “micro-quasar” in the eagle July 21, 2022

Scorpius X-1 Brightest and brightest in the scorpion July 12, 2022

Snarling Wolf A small star with a big attitude October 27, 2021

IC 10 X-1 A bright, dark star system July 22, 2021

Cygnus X-1 A black hole gets heavier June 3, 2021

Uhuru Looking at the universe in a new way December 12, 2020

Cygnus Superbubble Blowing a giant “bubble” in space August 30, 2020

Wilhelm Roentgen Looking “deep” into the universe March 27, 2020

Circling Antarctica  A busy summer in Antarctica December 4, 2018

Unlucky Stars Getting too close to black holes September 24, 2018

Black Hole Bonanza Black holes by the hundreds August 31, 2018

Doomed Star A star faces a fate worse than death May 9, 2017

Black-Hole Feast A black hole feasts on a big star April 26, 2017