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Current Issue: May/June 2023

Looking Deeper to Unlock a Dark Secret
An experiment at McDonald Observatory is looking into the early universe to help scientists solve the mystery of dark energy.
By Karl Gebhardt

Eating Well in the (Space) Neighborhood
As NASA prepares to return to the Moon in a big way, its scientists are restoring observations made by earlier missions, which is a big challenge on its own.
By Jasmin Fox-Skelly


Merlin explains how water on the Moon survives, points out that there’s more than one way to reckon a “day” on Earth, and pontificates about pure science and the search for exoplanets.

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Sky Highlights

Beautiful Venus dominates the western evening sky as we roll through spring and into early summer. It’s the brightest point of all in the night sky, so you can’t miss it. And it stages some nice encounters with Mars and the twins of Gemini, making the early evening can’t-miss skywatching time.


A solar system moon race, touring the cosmos, and snapshots of the first astronauts


  • Scientists probe a once-in-10,000-year blast
  • Studying the cosmic ‘dark ages’ from the far side of the Moon
  • Wind power on Mars
  • Life in the ‘twilight zone’

In the July/August Issue

We’ll tell you about artists who were inspired by the pioneering work of women ‘computers,’ who did tedious astronomical calculations by hand, and some of whom became famous astronomers. And we’ll show you the most volcanic worlds in the solar system.

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