Hubble Space Telescope view of the Triangulum Galaxy
Multiwavelength view of the Crab Nebula, M1
Yutu, a small rover, rolls away from Chang'e 4
New Horizons view of MU69 (Ultima Thule)

StarDate Radio: January 17 — Hidden Crater

Glaciers keep secrets. They hide rivers, hills, and other surface features. They conceal the bodies of animals that roamed the...More »

StarDate Radio: January 16 — Moon and Aldebaran

In the first pictures of the far side of the Moon, one feature stood out: a dark circular patch. Since...More »

Stargazing: January 16

The Moon has a bright companion tonight. Aldebaran, the brightest star of Taurus, is to the lower left of the...More »

StarDate Radio: January 15 — Geosynchronous Orbit

In many sci-fi movies and TV shows, orbiting spacecraft take up “stationary” positions over New York, London, or some other...More »

Stargazing: January 15

The brilliant planets Venus and Jupiter team up with the star Antares in the southeast the next few days to...More »

StarDate Radio: January 14 — Barycenter

Every object in the solar system is orbiting something else. Moons orbit planets, for example, and planets orbit the Sun....More »

Stargazing: January 14

The Moon is at first quarter today, as sunlight illuminates half of the lunar hemisphere that faces Earth. It will...More »

Stargazing: January 13

Orion is in the east in early evening, with its “belt” of three bright stars pointing up from the horizon....More »

StarDate Radio: January 13 — Cursa

Orion, the hunter, strides boldly across the southern sky on winter nights. The big, bright constellation is low in the...More »

Stargazing: January 12

The planet Mars perches close to the upper right of the Moon at nightfall. Although it has lost much of...More »

StarDate Radio: January 12 — Rigel

A big star with a bigger future climbs across the south on winter nights. It’s already one of the biggest...More »

StarDate Radio: January 11 — X-Ray Astronomy V

To the eye alone, Orion may be the most impressive of all the constellations. It consists of a bright rectangle...More »

Stargazing: January 11

Rigel, one of the feet of Orion, the hunter, stands to the right of Orion’s three-star belt in early evening....More »

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