Sun vs. VV Cephei
Before and after views of the landing site of the Schiaparelli probe
The ExoMars 2016 mission approaches the Red Planet
Voyager 2 view of Titania, largest moon of Uranus
NASA NEEMO mission

StarDate Radio: October 26 — VV Cephei

Cepheus, the king, wheels high across the north on these mid-autumn evenings. It looks like an upside-down child’s drawing of...More »

Stargazing: October 25

Cepheus the king stands high in the north this evening, and looks like an upside-down child’s drawing of a house....More »

StarDate Radio: October 25 — Cepheus

Cepheus, king of the legendary land of Ethiopia, had a problem. His wife, Cassiopeia, had bragged that she was the...More »

StarDate Radio: October 24 — 15 Years at Mars

Fifteen years ago, NASA needed a hit. Its previous two missions to Mars had failed — both of them as...More »

Stargazing: October 24

Regulus, the brightest star of Leo, the lion, will crouch close above the Moon at dawn tomorrow. Regulus actually consists...More »

Stargazing: October 23

Our closest neighbor, the Moon, is 240,000 miles away—equal to 10 trips around Earth’s equator. The closest planet, Venus, the...More »

StarDate Radio: October 23 — Big Neighbor

Astronomical distances can be mind boggling. Our closest neighbor, the Moon, is a quarter of a million miles away —...More »

StarDate Radio: October 22 — Andromeda

Andromeda is a pretty big constellation — it rates 19th out of 88. It’s also ancient — it was first...More »

Stargazing: October 22

Andromeda is one of the largest constellations. Its main figure is two streamers of stars that form a skinny V....More »

Stargazing: October 21

The colorful star system Almach climbs high across the sky on autumn nights. A telescope reveals one star that looks...More »

StarDate Radio: October 21 — Almach

One of the most colorful star systems around climbs high across the sky on autumn nights. A telescope reveals two...More »

StarDate Radio: October 20 — Orionid Meteors

Halley’s Comet won’t return to the inner solar system for almost half a century. But it makes its presence known...More »

Stargazing: October 20

The Orionid meteor shower should be at its best late tonight. Unfortunately, the Moon rises around midnight, so it will...More »

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