Sunset over the Davis Mountains
Cosmic ray shower
leonid meteor, 2009
Full Moon behind the Wisconsin state capitol, September 2015

StarDate Radio: December 4 — Moon and Mars

The Moon slides past the planet Mars tonight. Mars looks like a bright orange star close to the left of...More »

Stargazing: December 3

Capricornus, the sea-goat, is low in the south and southwest as night falls. Its leading stars outline the bottom of...More »

StarDate Radio: December 3 — Moon and Capricornus

Learning the constellations can be hard work. Most of their connect-the-dots patterns are faint and difficult to find, especially from...More »

StarDate Radio: December 2 — Moon and Venus

The Moon and the planet Venus form a beautiful pairing early tonight. Venus is the brilliant “evening star,” not far...More »

Stargazing: December 2

The Moon and the planet Venus form a beautiful pairing early tonight. Venus is the brilliant “evening star” not far...More »

Stargazing: December 1

The year’s earliest sunsets come over the next couple of weeks, even though the shortest day of the year isn’t...More »

StarDate Radio: December 1 — Earliest Sunsets

The days are continuing to get shorter here in the northern hemisphere. That provides a lot of time to get...More »

StarDate Radio: November 30 — Cosmic Rays III

When an earthquake and tsunami damaged a nuclear power station in Japan a few years ago, engineers were pretty sure...More »

Stargazing: November 30

The Great Square of Pegasus passes high overhead this evening. The star at its northwestern corner, Beta Pegasi, is a...More »

Stargazing: November 29

Orion, one of the most conspicuous constellations of winter, is climbing into evening view. Look for Orion's Belt, a short...More »

StarDate Radio: November 29 — More Cosmic Rays

The Sun’s interactions with Earth are part sword, part shield. Outbursts from the Sun pelt our planet with radiation and...More »

StarDate Radio: November 28 — Cosmic Rays

Our planet is constantly pelted by energy and particles — from sunlight to tiny grains of comet dust. But some...More »

Stargazing: November 28

The Moon will be new early tomorrow as it crosses the line between Earth and Sun. It is lost in...More »

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