multi-wavelength views of the giant galaxy UGC 1382
Map showing the path of the Peekskill meteorite
The most distant active comet yet seen
Seyfert's Sextet

StarDate Radio: October 18 — Uranus at Opposition

The planet Uranus is putting in its best appearance of the year this week. It rises at sunset and remains...More »

StarDate Radio: October 17 — Moon and Venus

The beautiful “morning star” shines above the crescent Moon at dawn tomorrow. It’s not a star at all, though —...More »

Stargazing: October 17

The beautiful “morning star” shines above the crescent Moon at dawn tomorrow. It’s not a star at all, though. Instead,...More »

StarDate Radio: October 16 — Moon and Mars

Earth’s geologic history is divided into several eras. Today, we’re in the Cenozoic era, which began about 66 million years...More »

Stargazing: October 16

The planet Mars is in good view at dawn tomorrow. It stands to the right of the crescent Moon, and...More »

StarDate Radio: October 15 — Monster Galaxy

Astronomers got quite a surprise recently. What they thought was a fairly ordinary galaxy turned out to be one of...More »

Stargazing: October 15

The Andromeda galaxy is in good view right now. Tonight, it’s in the east-northeast as darkness falls, and overhead later...More »

StarDate Radio: October 14 — Moon and Regulus

Regulus is a big star — it’s three times the Sun’s diameter. Even so, the heart of the lion will...More »

Stargazing: October 14

Regulus will wink out of sight early tomorrow across most of the U.S. The star will be covered by the...More »

StarDate Radio: October 13 — Capricornus

The roster of constellations includes some weird and wonderful creatures. There’s a dragon, a unicorn, and two centaurs. But perhaps...More »

Stargazing: October 13

Capricornus, the sea-goat, is low in the southern sky as darkness falls at this time of year. Its brightest stars...More »

StarDate Radio: October 12 — Protecting Earth

When a double asteroid swings close to Earth in 2024, it just might get a nasty reception. NASA is studying...More »

Stargazing: October 12

The Moon is at its last-quarter phase at 7:25 a.m. CDT, so sunlight illuminates half of the lunar hemisphere that...More »

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cover of September-October 2017 issue

Cassini’s mission to Saturn is coming to an end in September, and we've provided an overview of what it has uncovered about the planet, its beautiful rings, and its retinue of dozens of moons, including massive and mysterious Titan.

2017 Sky Almanac

2017 Sky Almanac

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