Canis Major
Sunrise on Mars, February 16, 2018
Hubble Space Telescope view of NGC 3344
messier 48
Lupus 3 star forming region

StarDate Radio: February 22 — Mirzam

The Sun is a sedate, middle-aged star. It steadily “fuses” the hydrogen in its core to make helium, which...More »

StarDate Radio: February 21 — Wezen

When we look at the starry night sky, our eyes and brains play tricks on us. They make us...More »

Stargazing: February 21

Canis Major, the big dog, is in the southeast as night falls. The constellation’s third-brightest star, Wezen, is one of...More »

StarDate Radio: February 20 — Canis Major

Winter brings out the big dogs — some of the most prominent constellations of all. And one of those...More »

Stargazing: February 20

The constellation Canis Major, the big dog, is best known for its leading light: Sirius, the Dog Star, the brightest...More »

StarDate Radio: February 19 — Doomed Moons

Some moons lead dangerous lives. Two moons of the planet Uranus, for example, are likely to be destroyed in...More »

Stargazing: February 19

Three constellations in view this month are named for early machines: Sextans, Antlia, and Pyxis — the sextant, air pump,...More »

StarDate Radio: February 18 — Columba

Here’s a phrase that you probably haven’t heard before: solar antapex. It’s the location in the sky that’s opposite...More »

Stargazing: February 18

Columba, the dove, scoots low across the south tonight, to the lower right of Sirius, the brightest star in the...More »

Stargazing: February 17

Mercury, the smallest of the solar system’s major planets, is hiding in the Sun’s glare. It lines up behind the...More »

StarDate Radio: February 17 — Mercury in Conjunction

The smallest of the solar system’s major planets is hiding in the Sun’s glare right now. That’s because Mercury...More »

Stargazing: February 16

Beta Pictoris, a star in the constellation Pictor, is visible low in the south from the far-southern United States. The...More »

StarDate Radio: February 16 — Flying Across Titan

Most of the spacecraft that have touched down on other worlds have been either stationary landers or wheeled rovers....More »

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